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Environmental Engineering

the featured major construction point of the State and the key major of Jiangsu Province

Educational objectives: the environmental engineering major of Jiangnan University is the featured major construction point of the State. We are qualified to confer bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s degrees and have post-doctoral mobile stations. We aim to educate talents with good humanity qualities, professional ethics and sustainable development ideals, familiar with environmental biotechnology, grasping basic theory of environmental engineering, engineering design and practical application methods, processing knowledge concerning environmental pollution prevention and treatment, environment monitoring and review, environment planning and management, etc, with research, design, and operation management ability on complex engineering problems and with innovation awareness and international vision. They will become technical backbones or core management talents in planning, design, and management aspects, etc. of the design unit, industrial and mining enterprises, institutes, government sectors, schools and other units.

Main courses: water pollution control engineering, air pollution control engineering, solid wastes treatment and disposal, physical pollution control, environmental impact review, environmental planning and management, environmental protection equipment foundation, biomass energy engineering and technology, environmental engineering design, introduction to environmental science (bilingual), microbiology of environmental engineering (bilingual), environmental chemistry(bilingual).

Civil engineering

Educational objectives: civil engineering is the key construction major of university level, and we have professional master’s degree conferring point for construction and civil engineering. We aim to educate specialized senior talents adapting to Socialist Modernization Drive with all-round development of morality, intelligence and physique, grasping basic theory and knowledge of civil engineering courses, mastering basic knowledge of foreign language, computer, humanity, management, economy and law, etc. obtaining basic training of the registered engineer, with innovation spirit and sustainable development awareness, with strong engineering practice ability and primary scientific research ability, and with international vision. They are able to do planning, survey, design, construction, management, education and scientific research works, etc. of civil engineering projects under background of engineering construction industrialization and informatization. The civil engineering major focuses on innovation and practicing ability of the students. Our students have achieved good results in many disciplinary competitions, especially in the 5th National College "Thsware Cup" BIM Software Modeling Competition and Jiangsu Undergraduate Civil Engineering Structure Innovation Competition which we gained the awards of the highest level.

Main courses: civil engineering materials, building construction, design principles of concrete structure, design principles of steel structure, foundation engineering, civil engineering construction, earthquake resistant design of engineering structure, engineering estimation and budget, construction engineering project management.

Engineering management

Educational objectives: we aim to educate inter-disciplinary management talents adapting to Socialist Modernization Drive; with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique and aesthetics; with basic theory and knowledge of civil engineering technology, construction engineering economy and management and laws and regulations of civil engineering, etc, receiving basic training of engineering management; with basic ability to engage in engineering project management, engineering cost management, real estate development and operation and international engineering project management; with the ability to engage in project overall planning, project decision-making, project full process management, production and operation of construction enterprise, engineering consultation and construction supervision, technical and economic analysis and scientific research on project management, etc. in domestic and foreign engineering construction fields (such as construction enterprise, real estate industry, supervision company, engineering consultation industry and its competent departments, etc).

Main courses: civil engineering materials, building construction, steel reinforced concrete structure and masonry structure, civil engineering construction,engineering economy, engineering estimation and budget, engineering project management, construction engineering contract management, principles of accounting, financial management

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